FC Guidelines

[Leiji Matsumoto Official Fan Club Guidelines]

Leiji Matsumoto Official Fan Club is established to support for the activities in which Mr. Matsumoto is involved.

△ Admission Fee: 1,000 Yen-
・Original Membership Card will be mailed to you.

△ Annual Membership Fee: 8,000Yen-

・Club Magazine will be mailed in September, January and May.
Magazine will feature the following contents (some contents are subject to change):
a, Original cover illustration by top creators, such as Mr. Keisuke Masunaga.
b, Information on the work of Leiji Matsumoto, merchandising and the event programme.
c, Original Interview with Mr. Matsumoto
d, A biographical story of Mr. Matsumoto (Serial)
e, Past work of Mr. Matsumoto that has never been commercially published in the past.
f, Illustration by fan club members, and information sharing among members.

Official Fan Club members can get the following benefits:
・ Purchase of Fan Club Limited Goods

・ An exclusive fan meeting limited to fan club members

・ 10% discount of Leiji Matsumoto goods that are sold at Anime World Star (Anime World Star is a shop that specializes in selling cel drawings and artwork from anime). Discount will be applied at the store, on the Anime World Star Goods website and also at the event of Leiji Matsumoto Official Fan Club. Discount will not be apply for the sale at other type of events.[
Anime World Star: Nakano Broadway, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

・ Announcement of Event by Fan Club Members

△ How to Become a Member of a Leiji Matsumoto Fan Club

[STEP1] Registration

Please email your name, phone number, and address to the   following email address:


* Your personal information will only be used for the purposes for the activities of Leiji Matsumoto Official Fan Club.

Please transfer your Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee (YEN 9,000- in total) by July 14, 2014. You will be able to find the bank account information on this Facebook:

Within a week from the receipt of your Fee, you will receive the notice from the Fan Club and your registration will be completed.

Your Membership Card will be mailed to you by the middle of September.
You will be able to access the shipping information of the membership card on the Facebook.

△ Membership Term
Membership period is for one year and Official term dates always begin the 1st of October. If you become a member, your term will be valid till September 30, 2015. To renew your membership, it is required to pay the Annual Membership Fee within September.

△ Contact
If you have any questions, pelase contact us anytime:
3F Shirasagi-bld 2-48-6 Shirasagi Nakano-ku TOKYO 165-0035 JAPAN

Wonder Creators Inc.
Leiji Matsumoto Officail Fan Club
TEL +81-3-6820-8015
E-mail Leiji_FC@wonder-cr.co.jp



Dear Fans,

For those who live outside of Japan, please be aware that we found the banking fees for the international transfer are very high. And now we are considering Paypal for international transfer. We’d appreciate it if you could give us some time to set the procedure for Paypal.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Best regards,